I stumbled on this image while doing my late-night internet cruising. It really cracked me up! It then got me thinking, driving in Lagos is a very strange reality.

It is a very different life altogether. I am of the theory that Lagos drivers do a compulsory course when learning how to drive titled, “HOW TO DRIVE ANGRILY IN LAGOS 101”.

Even though Nigerians especially Lagosians are happy-go-lucky, hustling-and-smiling, individuals, when driving we become totally different beings. The average Lagos driver has a unique curse for every other motorist, once you err, or you are about to err or he just looks at you and assumes that you must have erred in driving today, he automatically blurts out a stinging curse at you!

Ooh, another thing is that in Lagos, driving is war and in war, the adversary should never be informed about your next move. That is why Lagos drivers never use indicators! You can just be *jejely driving and some *danfo driver would just pull out directly in front of your vehicle, no warning, no signals, no indication that he is turning into your lane, nothing! Much to your dismay

Then again, I don’t know about you but Lagosians can eat anything while driving, I have legit seen a bus driver eating *Amala and *Ogbono soup on third mainland bridge. He then had to make an abrupt stop and the plate of soup came flying out of his hands, unto my windscreen. Needless to say, that day was not my best day.

Anyway guys, let’s take a few tips from here; while driving sing don’t curse; wave don’t give *wakas; eat light and easy beverage not soup, and INDICATE! Most importantly, be a happy driver.










Jejely – a Nigerian slang for easily

Danfo – a Nigerian slang for public bus transport

Amala – a Nigerian delicacy made of cassava flour

Ogbono – a Nigerian soup delicacy made with vegetables and palm oil among others

Waka – a Nigerian slang for an insulting hand gesture

EKO O NI BAJE O – A Yoruba phrase meaning, “Lagos would never be destroyed”

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