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The trending thought and disposition of electric cars is gaining more ground than most car experts and enthusiasts thought it would as at the time it was introduced. Electric cars are vehicles that run on charged batteries solely and need supercharger centres to get their batteries back up. Several countries like: Germany, France, U.K and India have expressed their plans to phase out the combustible vehicles between 2030  and 2040 while facing the adoption of just the electric vehicles.

Several top automakers have also subscribed to the mass production of electric vehicles claiming it will in the future take up most part of their annual turnout as it seems to generate more profit than combustible vehicles. With the ‘go electric’ idea becoming mainstream, electric vehicles are becoming as affordable as gas vehicles and their advantages are rearing its head which brings to mind that the total eradication of gas vehicles in the near future might become a possible reality afterall.  

Nigeria will experience this development in 2018 as Prince Ado Ibrahim, popular F1 designer cum Nigus owner will be collaborating with BYD of China to import EVs into the country in 2018 and start its indigenous assembling here in 2020. He also mentioned that infrastructures to charge the car batteries will be put in place by NNPC in collaboration with BP of South Africa and most of the power will be gotten unconventionally from our abundant sunshine. Although some Nigerians are expressing their doubt as to the implementation of the idea, technological experts are optimistic because not only will the adoption of EVs place Nigeria on the cutting edge alongside other First World countries, it will drastically reduce the cost of car maintenance by users and wake Nigerians up to the reality of searching out better means of national income than relying solely on oil.

…a Tesla Supercharger center


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