An Electric powered car, though not widely used but described as environmental friendly is a vehicle that is propelled by an Electric powered Motor ie. Rechargeable batteries being installed in the vehicle or from external sources.


A gas Powered Car, used by all but believed to go into extinction soon is one that uses gasoline supplied to its fuel tank. This gasoline produces a transmission that causes the wheel to move.




Electric cars could be a very good alternative to the overdependence that the world has had on vehicles that rely on fuels derived from fossil burning. Unlike gas powered cars, Electric cars demand less capital for maintenance and fuel, they have high speed and are energy saving. In gasoline operated cars, fumes are released which produce strong smells resulting in air pollution as hazardous gases among others which can lead to global warming.

According to scientific research and empirical studies, it has been proven that Electric cars do not result in any immediate air pollution and even if a power plant in an electric powered engine may burn dirty fuel, there’s less pollution in comparison to gas powered cars. Furthemore, those environmental hazardous coolants and used motor oil as seen in gas powered cars are not produced in electric cars. All types of EV batteries used in electric cars are rechargeable and this means electric cars contribute less to dumping in the environment.

We will however be highlighting a few reasons why electric cars beat gasoline powered cars in a tabular form below.


  1. Electric powered cars cost less when it comes to maintenance
  2. Has a high possibility of heat regulation in the Engine and Power systems from the battery through careful driving
  3. Electric powered cars consume less fuel.
  4. Uses natural resources as its main supplier for production: wind, solar and water
  1. Cost more expensive and is most likely to develop another problem during maintenance
  2. Has to depend on coolants and motor oils to regulate friction and overheating
  3. Consume a high rate of fuel as it depends solely on gas
  4. Depends on natural and artificial resources for production: water and oils


Although the use of Electric cars is more advantageous than Gas powered cars, the world still rely on Gas powered cars. Much more attention should be put into the electric powered cars for a worldwide acceptance.




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