Know what a powerhouse means? Search it out.

In a car, another name for the powerhouse would be your car ‘engine’. Should it ever stop working, guess where you’ll be going. Well, nowhere. That is why attention should be paid to any unusual crank, noise or abrupt stopping of your engine. Apart from the extra funds you’ll get to spend by having your engine knock completely, you could be posed with personal danger if it happens in the wrong place.

First things first, no good engine stops abruptly, often without a cause. Knowing the reason why an engine keeps stopping and addressing them immediately is a step in the right direction to avoiding a completely bad engine at the end of the day. So why do engines stop abruptly?


Loss of Oil Pressure or Engine Overheating: Also called the blow-up, this mostly occurs after a total loss of oil pressure or after extreme overheating, both of which the car’s instruments or warning lights will warn you of in time to save the engine by switching it off.  In a case where prior warning lights are not given, there would have been heavy rattling or hammering of the engine.


Choked Catalytic Converter: A catalytic converter helps to keep a car’s exhaust clear. If a car’s fuel has too many impurities than the converter can handle, it becomes blocked. The result of this is a backed up exhaust which makes the engine work harder. From there, the engine begins to rattle and experience abrupt stops.


Inadequate Transmission Fluid: The right amount of fluid for cars differ from model to model. Refer to your owner’s manual or ask a professional so as to know what amount of fluid is just right for your car.


Loose Engine Bolts: Rarely happens, but then it does. Once the bolts of an engine begin to go loose, the engine will begin rattling and malfunctioning comes next. The wear and tear that the engine goes through while driving can cause the loose screws to ultimately come off. The engine is sure to self-destruct and stop in that case. The key to avoid these troubles is to be regular in servicing the car as well as driving it in a good manner.


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