Nigeria is growing and the change we’ve been craving might be finally here.


The Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) says it has identified quite a number of critically damaged roads for urgent repairs in each state of the federation this new year. (it’s about time!)

Mr. Nurudeen Rafindadi disclosed this on the 22nd of December 2017 at a media briefing, he further asserted that since his assumption into office in October, he has taken it upon himself as a mandate to repair and maintain federal damaged roads all over the federation in order to ensure that these roads last long.

we compiled what we call a maintenance or repair work plan for the next nine months, this include quick intervention programme which is targeted at doing what we can within that period depending on fund availability


He further stated that since his assumption of federal road duties, the agency has been able to review procurement plan and status as well as set up monitoring teams that would access works done and verify financial status of projects while some others take inventory of the agency’s asset, machinery and partnership with the media to educate the citizens on the proper use of roads.



In his words, he stated the challenges they (FERMA) are faced with which is the attitude of an individual towards road usage. “we need the media to assist in disseminating information to our beloved citizens on the proper use of the roads and getting feedback from them to the agency” he said.

Some of the challenges as listed by him include:

  • Indiscriminate cutting of roads
  • Vandalism of road infrastructure
  • Burning of tyres
  • Indiscriminate parking of articulated vehicles on the roads.


He stated that the media will help enlighten the general public on the use and misuse of roads and defacing of signboards.


He said that many roads in the country were constructed 20 to 30 years ago and the structures which needed reconstruction currently were not part of the agency’s scope of work.

We are also working on a five-years strategic plan to increase our in-house capacity-building to repair the roads ourselves and not necessarily giving them out to contractors and in so doing, we will ensure we assess the performance of our staff” he explained.

He also explained that so far the agency has identified and documented about 380 to 400 bad spots for repair. “We have started some works; we prioritise road maintenance according to how bad the roads are and the availability of funds” he added.

So far we have been able to count our blessings in retrospect and with the new year upon us, we hope for a torrential rainfall of Grace so that promises made by different bodies to ensure Nigeria becomes a better nation are fulfilled.






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