The name Ferrari stirs up various feelings in the mind of those that hear it. To those that own or can afford it, it accords a sense of prestige, sophistication, class and road ownership while those that cannot just keep longing for the evocative beastiness this Italian global brand offers.

Then there is the Ferrari LaFerrari, also known as “The Ferrari”. The one that is called the most evocative hypercar in the world, the one that combines the power of a thousand horses at once, the one that rates ten out of ten in every car rating board globally. Yes, that one.

…2014 Ferrari LaFerrari- too much sauce.



Probably the major highlight of the LaFerrari, the V12 engine gives you a whopping 950 brake horsepower (bph) in total while reducing fuel consumption by 40 percent in comparison to its McLaren P1 and Porsche  918 Spyder counterparts. Very noisy but with minimal vibration, the powersource not only scares the other users, it does the rider too. The power however gives it an instant throttle response and it is widely held that this paired internal combustion engine is about as classic a sports car powerplant can get.

…the invincible vintage V12



Giving little details of the comfort and expansive pleasure this road beast exudes will be a sheer act of injustice. From the infotainment system to the kind of  interior features that can only exist in one’s imagination, the car is a DREAM!

However, there is an awful lot of carbon emission on the inside, the steering is noisy but it is nothing compared to the engine noise and the controls are ironically very easy to handle contrary to the thoughts that might cross your mind when you see such monstrous vehicle.

…does feel like an airplane here



The exterior of the LaFerrari is designed to include both safety and convenience features which is extremely important for this pricey and somewhat scary piece of asset. Features like the auto on headlights, keyless entry, power locks, navigation system, rear spoilers and steering wheel tilt all make driving this baby a dream come true. For safety purposes, equipment like the auto day/night mirrors, traction control, driver and passenger airbags, climate control air conditioning, daytime running lights and parking distance control are incorporated.

Although, only 499 of LaFerrari have been made and sold out, some of the models have however been recalled due to tire pressure monitor and headrest problems.

So what do you do when you buy “the Ferrari”? Keep it in a museum as a sign of affluence or unleash the beast?

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