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Several vehicles have been slammed at different times with accusations of  dodging diesel emissions regulations with Volkswagen constantly leading the pack. In the dawning month of 2018, Ford unfortunately joined the bandwagon where about 500,000 thousand of its super trucks were sued by drivers for disregarding emissions standard.

The lawsuit as reported by Bloomberg will be filed against Ford and its suppliers Bosch on the 2011-2017 F-250 and F-350 heavy duty trucks sold with diesel engines. The trucks are allegedly emitting nitrous oxide 50 times more than the standard amount, an offence which breaks about 58 state and federal laws. Ford and Bosch were also accused of trying to hide the lapse from scrutineers through a ‘defeat device’ that detects when any of the vehicles are undergoing emissions test.

When asked, the Ford spokesperson mentioned that all Ford vehicles comply with U.S, EPA and CARB regulations and no Ford vehicle has a defeat device. Although this scandal could taint customer perspective of Ford, it is hoped that the allegations will not be found true and Ford will rise through it.


         2011 Ford F-250.


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