World Car News #Update

Ford motors have developed a technology that enables the visually impaired to see images and sense places. This means that a lot of people who do not have the luxury of seeing the world around them would have a chance to envisage places via percepted images. The new technology as announced by Ford is called “Feel the View.”

The technology is currently in the prototype stage but apparently works well. It was created in coordination with GTB Romana and a local startup known as Aedo – a brand that specializes in devices for the visually impaired. The technology works by taking pictures and then turning them into high-contrast gray-scale pictures. Those pictures are then reproduced on the door glass of the vehicle.

The shades off grey are displayed in as many as 255 different intensities to help those that are visually impaired interpret the world around them. At the same time, another system describes the image audibly for better clarity. This means that even those who are blind can enjoy a trip through the mountains, the forest, or even the coast. It may not be quite the same as what a visually enabled individual experience but it’s revolutionary in that, for the first time, those without that luxury can feel everything we’re seeing.

While we are still unsure of the date and time when this technological revolution will take place, Ford and other partners have decided not to disclose further information. But this is certainly something that has the potential to move beyond the prototype stage.


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