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…there is an excited driver in there; the lights tell me so.


Behind the wheel, a driver feels a range of emotions ranging from fatigue, excitement, road rage to some you cannot even explain. These emotions have been said to be the reasons behind the actions that driver’s take while driving. Actions like reckless driving, speeding, slow driving some of which leads to variants of accidents.

Automaker Ford has developed a car that can read driver’s emotions. The car called the BuzzCar is a customised Focus RS that constitutes a wearable artificial intelligence device. The driver wears two sensors on his wrist, one that measures the heart rate and another that measures skin response.

A test in Stratford showed that anytime a driver is excited, the interior and exterior windows begin to shine with dazzling lights. While the Buzz Car won’t be hitting the streets any time soon, Ford hopes the research will help to better understand how vehicles can respond to drivers’ emotions. As part of the wider project, the development is expected to get to a place where the cars can prompt and warn drivers or even take actions on its own in emergency cases.



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