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The SUV and truck class appears to be Ford’s cash cow at the moment. Last year, Ford sold the most vehicles globally and about 800,000 out of the number were SUVs which is why great attention is being paid by Ford Motor Co. to developing the vehicles in that class.

Thus, the 2019 Edge will be getting a major upgrade as the first Sport Technology(ST) vehicle in the Ford line-up. According to the group’s SUV marketing manager- Michael O’brien, the reason Edge will be the one getting the upgrade  because the SUV segment of the company has grown by 50 percent during the Edge’s lifetime and has the potential to grow another 9 percent this year.

There will be boosts to the horsepower, torque, fuel economy and it will be Ford’s first use of the eight-speed automatic transmission with start/stop, which was developed in-house.


...2019 Ford Edge


To earn ST status, the sport suspension was tuned for more damping, and the brakes are larger, especially if you opt for the performance brake package with exposed red 345mm vented rear rotors.

In addition to the 20-inch wheels, there are optional 21-inch five-spoke wheels in gloss black, including the cap. Ford will offer a performance summer tire because Ford engineers fully expect some owners to take their Edge ST to the track.

Jim Hackett, CEO Ford mentioned that about 7 billion Dollars will be pulled from cars capital to SUV production and already, some of it has been spent on the 2019 Edge.



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