Race Car News #Update



When Formula E cars race debuted in 2014, every race team member used identical Spark-Renault SRT_01E. Though they were allowed to upgrade their machines to their utmost satisfaction, allowing teams to develop their own control electronics, inverters, electric motors, and gearboxes. But in order to keep cost at a minimal, everyone had to use the same carbon-fiber chassis, which contains the integral lithium-ion battery pack.

The idea of every driver having to park to swap cars in the middle of a race is a more disappointing process, even on the relatively low-speed city tracks upon which Formula E competes as the battery doesn’t have the juice for an all hour race. This has crippled the integrity of the Formula E car racing to an extent, causing them to maintain a lower standard over the years.

Fortunately, the idea and notion has been a thing of the past as a new spectacle has been released for the new season all-hour race to begin by October 2018. The new car: Spark SRT05e, will feature 54kWh batteries developed by ‘McLaren Applied Technologies’, meaning each team only needs two and not four cars per race, compared to the previous car they featured.

The SRT05e has a radically different look to any current machine—or to any other race car one  can think of, it has the following outstanding features:

  • More efficient aerodynamics and a more efficient drivetrain.
  • Safety: Wide options for driver head protection, fully enclosed canopy in the front view.
  • New set of battery to add more weight and boost the cars’ power from 28 kWh to 54 kWh.



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