Race Car News #Update

Ever since the kick start of Formula One Motorsports and the winnings that have preceded it in recent years, its fans have long bemoaned the lack of overtaking in Formula One, but that could be about to change.

The F1 Commission has voted through aerodynamic changes to the front and rear wings which will ease the difficulty of passing on track. Incredibly, there were some teams against the initiative, which serves to demonstrate the need for reform in how the sport is governed.

Alterations to cars’ aerodynamics from 2019 will seek to encourage a more thrilling wheel-to-wheel racing. These include simplified brake ducts, a wider and deeper rear wing, and a simplified front wing.

“The alteration is aimed at promoting closer racing by making it easier for cars to overtake,” the sport’s governing body said on Tuesday.

Last season saw F1 overtakes fall by half compared with 2016.

In the 2018 season-opener in Melbourne, there were just five overtakes, something that prompted F1 managing director Ross Brawn to lament the lack of ‘wheel-to-wheel dicing’ following the race.

“Formula One fans want to see a better show and overtaking is the most exciting and spectacular element you can have on track,” he added.

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