Formula One News #Update



Renault driver Carlos Sainz has said he is expecting to see ‘madness’ when the Formula One cars hit the track in Monaco this weekend, with new tyres throwing up ‘crazy’ results.

With new tyres with a new ‘hyper-soft’ compound being developed by Tyre suppliers Pirelli which is expected to lead to the lap record being shattered around the streets of the principality.

The hyper-soft tyres provide significantly more grip than the tyres used in Monaco last year, and with cars also providing more mechanical speed after rule changes last year, lap times are expected to tumble.

“Expect madness! It will be great!” Sainz said.

“Already last year with these new cars, it was something incredible and this year we have two stops softer compound. And for me, the best tyre that Pirelli have done in a lot of years, It’s going to be crazy.

“It is quite impressive, that tyre, I must say. It is a tyre that easily gives a second per lap. This tyre around Monaco could be something special. We could see very quick laptimes this year if that’s the case. I would be prepared to see lap records again in Monaco for this year.”

Pirelli’s racing director Mario Isola says the new compound tyre should prove quick over one-lap for qualifying, but durable for the 78-lap race.

“In my opinion I don’t expect a high level of degradation because the Monaco circuit is very smooth and not putting a lot of stress on the tyre. That means the hyper-soft is also a race compound and it will be interesting to see what is going to happen during the race. Isola said

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