Ughh!! The long queues are back and we most certainly didn’t miss them. After over a year long break, fuel scarcity is back with the long queues and desperation to get petrol. People during this times tend to throw away all caution and even develop new versions of themselves as they become touts by fighting shamelessly with other petrol hustlers. You’ll see a full grown man who happens to be a father of four threatening to beat up another man all in the name of fuel hassle. It is quite sad, though we’ve been assured by the federal government that the scarcity is only a facade which will soon be over, we should care to protect ourselves and loved ones during this period. Here are some tips to help us protect ourselves;

First of all, we should ensure not to give into desperation by buying lots of fuel in panic. Aptly put, don’t buy large quantities of fuel to store in your house, this is the most dangerous thing a person can do this period as this can lead to huge fire outbreaks in people’s homes and it can go out of control and spread to other houses and lots of lives could be lost in the process. Likewise, don’t patronize black market sellers; if there is long queue, better manage it or park your car at home. If you buy fuel from black market sellers, you only be buying adulterated petrol that has been mixed with kerosene or other hazardous substances. This will knock the life out of your engine and it will most likely spoil on the road in traffic and this can be very frustrating. Even worse, the cost of buying another engine will cause a dip in your pocket and you’ll continue to regret not waiting on the long queue.

For “leggedes benz” people, please do not patronize “SO LE” I know the price of buses at this time will be hiked but it’s better you endure the dip in your pocket and pay the price than to enter seemingly cheaper alternatives. These buses or cars are most likely to be ritual killers or kidnappers and especially in this festive season your life could be in danger. A word is enough for the wise!! If you’re trying to save money and you end up dying what is the worth of the money? Other people will spend it! If you like say God forbid… Likewise, people should not give into the temptation of using their car for “so le” or “kabu kabu” because your life is at risk if those passengers you’re conveying turn out to be ritual killers, kidnappers or a robbery gang. They will kill you, kidnap you or steal your car, leaving you dumbfounded and helpless. Your life and well-being are more important than the extra money you want to make from the fuel scarcity problem.

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we are all desperate, no one is to be trusted in this trying times..


Tensions are high and people are angry because of the fuel scarcity but don’t lose yourself to the momentary complications. Don’t go and start fighting in the filling station, be smart of course but don’t argue and fight with other drivers or even agberos and bus conductors; you can get stabbed or just faint from a punch to the face. You don’t know what’s on the other person’s mind, so please be careful how you interact with others on the fuel queues and even in traffic, don’t be fighting up and down.

That is all for the safety tips, be careful and cautious. If you like don’t follow these tips, whatever you get is your own. Don’t go and be blaming your village ancestors for your misfortunes when you really are the architect, don’t come and start sharing stories that touch, people will tell you sorry but the brunt of the problem is still on your head.



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