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                       …Floyd at the Buckhead Club.


News today might have been entirely different had events not taken the lucky turn it took for popular, award winning boxer- Floyd Mayweather. On Monday at 2:00am, the boxer’s SUV caravan which consisted of three cars was shot at by a passenger from another car in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of Floyd’s bodyguards by name Greg La Rosa who was sitting in the caravan’s lead vehicle sustained an injury to his leg and according to the Atlanta police, the incident was not a random one. In fact, the gunshot was intentionally targeted at the victim a reporter from Atlanta  Journal Constitution claimed.

Mayweather was in another car when the incident occured. He was returning from a clubhouse in Buckhead and nobody knows what transpired earlier that evening at the club before the shooting. The bodyguard has been treated and released although investigations are still on ongoing.

On Sunday, one day before the shooting, this is what Mayweather posted on Twitter:

“I don’t know nothing about tomorrow but I’m living for today.”

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— Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) April 8, 2018.





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