World Car News #Update

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has recently adjusted the way it tests and rates headlight performance on new vehicles. Headlights will no longer be judged on design only but special attention will be paid to headlights that are adequately aimed at oncoming vehicles. Because the IIHS awards for Top Safety Pick are highly coveted, every car manufacturer is working diligently to align with the new criteria laid down by them.


Out of 100 cars that were tested by IIHS, only 4 were rated Good while 40 were rated Poor when it came to headlights. In the mid-sized SUV class which were rated in the summer of 2017, 24 out of 37 received the ‘Poor’ or ‘Marginal’  rating. Not only car manufacturers are to blame for this shortcoming. The Department of Transportation shares in the blame because it has regulations that forbids the use of high technology like adaptive driving lights that illuminate a vehicle’s path while it is moving away once an oncoming car is detected.


It should be put into consideration that the only cars that have been tested are the ones from 2016 and a lot of older models have not undergone this new testing criteria. For anyone who owns a 2016 and above car model, chances are the headlights are not topnotch.




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