How A Slap Changed My Life


My face was numb and for 40 seconds, there was this ring in my ear. The headphones I was wearing fell to the floor.

Somebody slapped me!

‘Leave the road, you people will not hear. I almost killed you!’ the lady who slapped me yelled. ‘Can you not see that you’re walking close to the highway? Why do you have headphones on? What is wrong with you people in this Lagos?’ She screamed.

A mix of emotions flooded me. I didn’t know whether to be angry, mad or sad. All I did was stare in anger & confusion. ‘You didn’t have to slap me’ I said. She could see how upset I was and calmed down. ‘Madam, you for no slap am now’ someone from the back called out.

‘I’m sorry’ she finally muttered. ‘Stop wearing headphones when you’re on a major road. I honked and you couldn’t hear me’.

We spoke for a few minutes and then she left.

That slap never left me as I kept touching my face and reliving the memory. I needed to do something about my situation.

I needed a car.

There was just one problem. I didn’t know how to get one. Even if I did, I wasn’t going to get my dream car without breaking the bank…or so I thought.

I decided to go online. Where could anyone possibly find a car in Lagos without having to literally empty their bank accounts? My people! I found an answer in minutes.


The best thing to happen in the Nigerian automobile industry. You can buy, sell or swap any car. All cars come with inspection reports which give you a full insight on the condition of a car you are looking to buy.

I got an affordable car in minutes. All I had to do was visit buy.cars45.comand the full information of the car I was interested in was attached to the car. I just needed to go the car lot with my technician to inspect the car and make payment. My dream car didn’t cost that much by the way.

Even if you do not have enough money, a car loan is still possible. All you have to do is visit to get details on how to start.

You do not need a slap or any drastic act to change your life. Get that dream car today.

P.S. Walking on the road with an earpiece plugged to my ear almost cost me life. You should NEVER do that. That slap changed my life forever.

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Don’t forget to get that dream car of yours today!

Mary-Anne From Cars45

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