Does warming up your car make you an exceptional car owner?

But before we talk about this, let’s take a quick peep at cars with carburetors that once reigned on our streets. Before setting out daily, it is a must for owners of these cars to warm-up for a while, this is solely based on the fact that a manual choke cable in these cars need to be pulled before starting the engine for a subsequent smooth running.

However, a great deal of cars nowadays don’t require this practice, thanks to the advancement of technology namely air temperature sensors, air pressure sensors, coolant temperature sensors and other inputs. This set of inputs is provided to the on-board computer system when the engine is ignited – a process known as “open-loop”.


During the open loop, the car does a warming-up session. In the meantime, the computer urges the engine to make up for the inputs taking part in warming up. When this process is completed, the engine goes into the closed loop; therefore, the engine is warmed up. Correspondingly, you don’t need to warm up your car manually since the engine has done it itself, so you can drive right away once the engine comes into power.

To answer the question of how long a car should be warmed before driving, honestly, you just need to check whether your car has a carburetor which is commonly found in older models. Otherwise, if your car is a modern one, it is likely that the advice of warming up the engine is not necessary to be followed.

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