Getting a girl is no joke, it’s definitely not child’s play. Songs, poems and even wars can all be traced to the hustle of trying to get a girl. Thank God for technology, the days of writing lengthy long letters, are all over. Now all you need to do, to be 40% in the box 18, is to get her number. Sound’s easy, right? My guy, you and I know that its hard work.

Count yourself lucky as we are about to give you quick tips on how to get a girl’s number in 3 minutes or even less.


The most important tip I can give you about picking up a woman is to MAKE EYE CONTACT with her. Look into her eyes, adoringly. There is difference between staring and making eye contact, DO NOT STARE. Never look down, it’s a sign of submission, timidity, and weakness and never look at a woman’s bosoms when you’re talking to her (a common mistake many men make). Women will reject you and consider you disrespectful if you do.


  1. SMILE

Be sure to SMILE! A smile sends a positive and important message. A smile says, “Hey, I like you.” A smile combined with prolonged eye contact says, “I like you a lot. I want to know you. Let’s talk.” Women who smile back at you and who maintain eye contact with you too are those who will be most receptive to your advances. If you do this right, women would generally smile right back.



This is the tricky part. Just simply say, “Hi, I am Tunde, and I would really love to know you”, you want to say this really calmly and with a smile so that you don’t come off as those Yaba market boys.  Then allow the woman you’re picking up to offer you her name. Pause for a moment. If she doesn’t offer it, ask her what her name is. Then, and this is very important, USE HER NAME in the very next sentence that comes out of your mouth. Using her name works like magic to put her at ease and makes her more interested in you. A person’s name is the most important and powerful word you can ever say.



There are compliments that she has heard over and over again e.g “You are beautiful”, she knows. Every man has told her. Compliment her on other stuff, like her dress, her shoes, girls like to know that they made the right outfit decision, so give her that satisfaction. Be polite and creative when dishing out compliments.



Chances are if you have done these right, you would be having a light conversation with her at this point. Where time is of the essence, you don’t want to keep her for too long. Ask for her number, ask politely. Do not hand her your phone and say, “punch it in”.

You can say something like, “You have to go now, but I’d like to see you again. I’d love to call you; can I have your number? ”



Do these leaning on your car. When the girl of your dreams is walking away or you are in a hurry, but you need to get her number because who knows, she might be the one, you need to do all these leaning by your car. How does a car help? Well, it tells the girl that you are a big boy, and you can even prolong the conversation by offering her a ride. NOTE THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO EVERY CAR!!! If you drive a car that is below a Toyota Camry 2.2 aka Big Daddy, my brother you are not yet driving a car. Our sincere advice is that you sell it. Sell it quickly and buy a new car. You don’t want to spend the whole year trying to sell this car, sell it in 45mins with and buy another car immediately!

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