‘Different strokes for different folks’ is a reality that has played itself out in several ways in all of human activities. From the most trivial of things to the very important ones, you’ll see people pick out a befitting standard or role for themselves and make a comfort zone or culture out of it till something more pleasurable comes along.

Least to say, driving is one aspect where folks have exhibited different strokes over time. We spend at least a third of our day on the road; in a car. If you are a Nigerian, living in Lagos specifically  then double that number! The situation of the roads as well as various interests have birthed different types of drivers and this article would walk you through some of them and help you decipher just where you fall under.


SPEEDERS: If they issued speeding tickets in Nigeria, the number of offenders would probably be more than the total population number put together. Just saying. Have you ever stood by a road and a car wheezed by it made your heart jump and the only statement that came to your head is, ‘calm down bro’? Flip the roles and put yourself behind the wheel. You might just be loving that ride as much as the current driver. There are several reasons for wanting to speed and they range from hurry to trying to beat traffic to just plain pleasure.While on some roads and in some circumstances the fast driving spree is fun, excessive speeding is a dangerous way to drive.


CRUISERS: My personal best, this category seem like the ones that actually enjoy their rides. Again, just saying. Cruising is a very laid back driving form that puts the driver at a recreational stance which sometimes comes off as aimless. It is so pleasurable that people listen to music, draw attention from passersby or even organize ‘cruise nights’ via various means where several car enthusiasts just cruise to a pre planned destination to meet up and have fun. Already, some cars come with cruise controls, a system that automatically controls a car speed and puts the driver at ease. Cruising could be a lot of fun, but in Nigerian traffic or when other drivers start screaming at you to get out of their way, it gets tiring.



COASTERS: Most Danfo drivers fall under this category but I’m sure there will be more on the list. If you fall under this same category, kindly confess. Coasting when driving is moving a car with as less power as possible. It means to depress the clutch while free-wheeling as well as not using the engine. A lot of drivers do this when going up and down a hill but most times to reduce fuel consumption in a car. What you do not know however is that coasting is potentially dangerous because it leads to lesser control of a driver on the car and as such is regarded illegal in certain countries.


CLUELESS: Now one thing is to be new in the driving game and thereby scared of so many things but there is also the place of cluelessness. After so many years of driving and road experiences, you still drive like you just had your first driving experience the previous day, that is totally unforgivable. We get that driving schools or tests are not taken seriously in Nigeria, but you should by yourself have learnt the basics with practice like every other person who doesn’t fall in this category. Incase you didn’t know, clueless people are the major causes of traffic jams, and other annoying road occurrences, Whatever you do, please don’t be a clueless driver.


RECKLESS DRIVERS: I am almost forced to let out a word in annoyance towards this category right now, but I choose to hold my peace. Say what you like, some people are just plain reckless and it is to no justifiable end if you ask me. They consciously refuse to disobey traffic signs or speed limits amongst other things. Our Danfo brothers, I seem to be hitting you a lot with my subs but permit me to do it one last time in this article, you are the ones that constitute a major part of this category. Check the root of most road accidents or other havocs and it is these reckless ones you will find there. Maybe it gives them such joy to drive in such manner, but unfortunately I cannot relate.

Loving the drive is one of the best things you can do for yourself seeing that you are sort of trapped in your vehicle for the most part of everyday and I’m sure you must have realised that by now and picked out your most preferred form.

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