Hyundai Launches a new and more powerful CRETA in Nigeria

Hyundai Launches a new and more powerful CRETA in Nigeria

Hyundai Motor Nigeria has unveiled its all-new CRETA vehicle in Nigeria, a revamped and more powerful SUV type that promises to provide customers in the region with unrivaled driving experiences.

The second-generation CRETA, unveiled during the press premiere, has been turned into the best sub-compact SUV for any terrain.

Building on the success of the initial model, the CRETA has been redesigned to be more spacious, have greater features, and use cutting-edge technology to fulfill the demands of working professionals, young peers, and families.

Performance is key to Hyundai’s objective of providing a great experience, and the CRETA is equipped with highly advanced powertrain engines that give great power and lower emissions.

“Developing high-quality vehicles is at the core of our goal, and this is represented in the all-new Hyundai CRETA model,” said Mr. Gaurav Vashisht, Head Sales and Marketing at Hyundai Motors Nigeria.

“The CRETA has been one of the most popular vehicles since its introduction, and the newest version is poised to be a game-changer in the sub-compact SUV sector. We deliberately constructed the car from top to bottom, pushing the boundaries to ensure that it stands out on the road.

“At the end of the day, the new CRETA is unlike any other vehicle. It’s a true urban crossover with a lot of versatility and a design that’s modern, sensual, and sporty.”

Three engines are available for the all-new Creta. Both the Smart stream G1.5 (115ps/6,300rpm and 14.7kgf.m/4,500rpm) and the Kappa 1.4T-GDI (140ps/6,000rpm and 24.7kgf.m/1,500-3,200rpm) are gasoline engines that offer superior fuel economy on the roadways.

The diesel U2 1.5 VGT (DSL) engine, with a maximum power of 115ps/4,000rpm and a maximum torque of 25.5kgf.m/1,500-2,750rpm, provides extra options.

Hyundai has made major upgrades to both the interior and appearance, including the size, to match the performance. The CRETA’s exterior dimensions are 20mm longer and 10mm wider than the original model, at 4,300mm and 1,790mm, respectively.

The grille’s robust and rectangular latticework, which holds a larger and more dramatic H-logo as well as distinctive two-tier headlights, reflects the car’s muscular spirit on the front. The addition of svelte character lines to the clamshell-style bonnet adds to the muscular vibe.



1. Cabin that is both practical and luxurious

The new Creta has a luxurious cabin that is also incredibly practical. There is plenty of storage space in the front and back, the doors can carry large water bottles, and there is even room beneath the front armrest. Furthermore, the plastics are of excellent quality, and there are no fit and finish difficulties.

2. A Long List of Features

The new Creta offers it all, from seat ventilation to a huge sunroof. The broad range of features available with the new Creta will be appreciated by consumers.

3. Engines that are both powerful and refined

The new Creta now has new engine options as a result of the recent modifications. There are two petrol engines and one diesel engine, both of which may be found in the Kia Seltos.

4. Sorted Dynamics

When comparing the new Creta to the previous model, it becomes clear that the new model offers significantly improved overall driving dynamics. The vehicle’s ride quality has suffered as a result of the stronger suspension, but it is unquestionably better to drive.

5. After-Sales Support

Hyundai’s after-sales service has always been excellent, and the company has several authorized workshops throughout the country. In addition, the Creta comes with extended warranty plans, which is a plus.


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