I love being able to serve people – Oluseyi Folaranmi

Oluseyi Folaranmi is a consummate professional, that person you can depend upon at every turn and whose knowledge base on customer relationship management and service is solid. Quick to dispense doses of sagely advice to his colleagues, Seyi walks and sounds like a master trainer. With over 15 years of providing customer support under his belt in telecommunications, retail, gaming and now automotive space, Seyi shares with us from his success story so far.


Q: What is your Job title with Cars45?⠀

A: VP, Customer & Dealer Experience ⠀

Q: What has been your work journey so far?

A: It’s been a great 15 years so far. My first gig was in 2004 as a call centre agent in Globacom. I moved into Quality Assurance in 2005 and did this for 3 years before moving to Etisalat (Now 9mobile) where I spent 6 years in Training and Quality Assurance . I changed industry in 2014 when I joined Konga as the manager for Training & Quality assurance. I grew to fit into 2 other roles before leaving as the VP, Customer Experience in 2017. I also had a short stay with Gbam Nigeria as the Senior Manager, Customer Support in 2017 before joining Cars45 in September 2018.


Q: Best bit of the job?⠀

A: I love being able to serve people as the job lets me. I love motivating people to see beyond their present. I love being part of the process of creating services or solutions that would be easy to access and fix customer issues. Above all, I love to bring smile to our customers’ faces.


Q: Any challenges on the job?⠀

A: One major thing would be putting customer needs as secondary. Most businesses put profit before the customer which is more like putting the cart before the horse. It is important to get all support/Back- end teams to understand customers well and treat them like Kings that they are.

Q: Currently…⠀

A: Reading: Customer Pulse Check- Customer Experience Book⠀

A: Watching: Training videos!⠀


Q: Best piece of advice you’ve been given?⠀

A: Wherever you find yourself, ensure you give your best.


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