Although a final decision is yet to be reached, the Ford Fusion which is Ford’s representation in the mid-sized sedan class might stop being produced come 2020. CEO Ford, Tom Hackett mentioned recently that the traditional reason for the adoption of the mid sized sedan class by automakers is to create a budget friendly line for car users in terms of fuel and other utilities. Thanks to technology, the purchase and maintenance cost  gap between  cars and lightweight  trucks is quickly being filled which automatically results in the mid sized cars not being totally needed anymore.

According to him, the advantage the Fusion used to have in terms of customer preference is slipping away and the fuel economizing ability is also going before their very eyes. Since there is apparently no need for the Fusion, it will stop being produced in Mexico, stop being imported into USA from China  and maybe totally end production. Sadly, the Fusion might be going the way of the Ford Freestyle and Fairmont because it will always be second-fiddle to the dominating Toyota Camry and Honda  in its segment.

…2018 Fusion- it might just be the last you will  ever see.

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