Cars and Movies….Technological Intrigue

Cars, cars and cars. They’re brain bursting and sincerely mind-blowing. You’ll find them everywhere; musical videos, red carpet shows and movies. Celebrities are known for their automobile taste, they steal the shows with their automobile machines as they leave viewers and other colleagues of theirs speechless. Of a truth, you never get to determine the models and the brand you’re likely to see on the screen especially in movies and musical videos.

It is important to note that movies shot in the new millennium are as a result of the world’s upgraded scientific approach and the swift growth of automobile technology it has attained.  In this article, we will be excavating movies of times past and recent movies that featured crazy cars, when i mean crazy; i actually mean cars with awesome off-the-chain features; from adaptive camouflage to inbuilt weaponry against foes. We have had our fill and we still expect more, more of such mysterious upgrade and the wonders within as we get prepared for another 365 days in a new year.



The movie is a satire, it exposes the betrayal amongst partners. The heavy use of an upgraded computer imagery in the movie keeps you wondering that you keep thirsting for another view. No wonder movies that starred the outstanding M16 Agent James Bond never tires viewers all over the world. Die another day was shot in 2002 to mark the James Bond’s 40th anniversary franchise, the series began in 1962 with Sean Connery starring as Bond in Dr. NO. Though the journey for the James Bond movie started in 1954 with Barry Nelson as the first Actor. Die Another Day includes references to each of the preceding films.

Not to forget that we’re talking about cars, the automobile machines used by the Actor and Villain has caused a stir in the consciousness of some car enthusiasts. We find cars going invincible, having inbuilt guns and shooting missiles. Information has it that the cars produced in all james bond movies are actually produced for the movie and for the movie alone. However, the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish and Jaguar XKR used by Bond and the rogue North korean colonel in the movie has prompted for a perceptional resurrect.




Honestly, as awesome as the Cars in this movie and all of his movies are, it is heart breaking that a replica can’t be found in the universe, no wonder He destroys all the gadgets and cars he is given in all of his movies. James bond is really an unfavourable user.

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