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Here we are again!

To all the Movie lovers in the house: Do you love James Bond? How many characters have played the role of the Secret Agent?while you count out loud, let’s not forget that today is International women’s day, there is the need to feature the woman Lover whose charm has proven potent over time.

One alarming controversy is the spectacular cars made for the character. For every movie, he gets a branded, revamped and outstanding phenom that thrills not only the villain but the viewers, But sadly, he destroys it before the movie ends and that displeases me (I’m sure the viewers are on the same page with me). Let’s see one of such movies and how they seem to thrill us.



Skyfall is the twenty-third spy film in the James Bond series, the story centres on Bond investigating an attack on MI6; the attack is part of a plot by former agent Raoul Silva to discredit and kill M as revenge for having betrayed him. Silva, a former MI6 agent turned cyberterrorist orchestrated the attack on MI6. he is captured in the process but the he soon regains freedom after a plan gone wrong.

As silva devises another attack, all eyes are o Bond to help thwart the terror about to be unleashed by the enemy.

Cars Used in the Movie

Quite a number of Cars are used in the skyfall movie, from Vintage Cars to Modern spectacles. However, one car that seem to steal the show is the 1964 Aston Martin DB5, as revamped by the M16 for Mr. Bond, the Car Comes with a Two gadgets are shown on this vehicle, the ejector seat and two front firing machine guns. Though the car is destroyed in the climactic battle scene, it is not stated in the film if this is the same Aston Martin DB5 that Bond obtained in Casino Royale.

Mr. Bond’s Aston Martin



Jaguar XJL




To see a full preview of Cars used in the Movie, please follow the LINK

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