World Car News #Update



Since the accident in Tempe, Ariz where a pedestrian was killed by a self-driving car, several measures are being put in place by various governments and automakers to ensure that the incident is not repeated. At a military panel ruling in Japan, it has been stated that should any autonomous car be involved in an accident, the car owner will be held responsible. In a case where a fault on the car’s system technicalities caused the accident, then the automaker would be held responsible.

Progress is needed in a variety of areas if self-driving cars are to be a realistic form of transportation. These include how to provide compensation when accidents occur, setting rules under the Road Traffic Law and other legislation, and creating vehicle safety standards. However, many analysts feel that amid the current state of affairs, it would be difficult to prove that a vehicle was defective. Therefore, the report stated that priority would be given to providing restitution to the victim, making the owner bear the responsibility, in principle. The report also said self-driving vehicles need to be equipped with devices that record driving data, so the cause of an accident can be analyzed quickly.

If however the accident was caused by an hacking in the vehicle’s system, it would be treated like the case of a stolen car. The government would cover the liability insurance but it is strictly tied to the assurance that the car owner installed enough safety security measures to ensure safe driving.

Japan has been accused by its people for being too slow in stating where the responsibilities for autonomous driving accidents lie. By the end of the fiscal year however, Japan will release an outline to create an enabling system for autonomous vehicles as well as reports for the rules


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