Cars and Movie #Update


Looking back in time at cars, one can infer that we have really gone far, from cars that had those buggy looks that we call vintage to the eye-catching cars of today, technology is really getting us far.

Today, we will be featuring vintage and modern cars and the movie that had them; a movie that got enjoying the sound of guns and the screech of tires. Talk about the love for Vintage cars and the hallow of a personality who has it..



John Wick, later known as John Wick: Chapter 1, is a 2014 American neo-noir action thriller film. The first installment in the John Wick film series, the story focuses on John Wick (Reeves), a retired hitman who returns to the criminal world to seek vengeance for the theft of his vintage car (Mustang) and the killing of his puppy; a gift from his recently deceased wife.

As a result, he becomes a public menace in the criminal world and all efforts to put him six feet beneath is single handedly put to a halt by himself.


Cars Used in The Movie

After stealing his Car and leaving him for dead, he visits his friend, a mechanic who gives him the full information about the whereabout of his Car and then gifts him a car,a 1971 BUICK GSX.

We also see where he takes his lovely Mustang for a test-drive, the screech of tires and the sharpness of the brake is one sound that John Wick loves, an assertive performance that reminds him of the past he is soon going to get occupied with.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, second choice.


John Wick’s Ford Mustang, the car that started it all.



We believe you’ve had a better tour with our update, we did not feature other cars used in the movie because they have no special effect in the movie, our concern is on the level of strength of cars. Till we come your way next week.

But before then, tell us the cars you prefer from the above mentioned in our comment section.


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