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For the past one week, the construction company responsible for the reconstruction of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, Julius Berger construction Plc has invented misery for motorists and commuters.

Ever since the construction company demarcated a part of the road, both sides of the road have been under perpetual gridlock from morning until night, hence making travelling become more excruciating.

In what has become a routine experience on the expressway, motorists are delayed for hours unduly. Business meetings are disrupted; workers resume work late and medical emergencies are imperiled in the chaos. Travelers and residents of the local communities have thus been groaning under the weight of the relentless congestion, which is exacerbated by a flow that the Federal Road Safety Corps estimates at 25,000 vehicles per hour. This is a heavy price to pay for official insensitivity.

Although, repair works should be expected since the expressway was first inaugurated 40 years ago. But from the look of things, the contractor is going about it in a disorganized manner. In contrast, the Reynolds Construction Company, which is handling the second section of the road from Sagamu to Ibadan, has implemented a more efficient road management method. First, it undertook the repairs of the failed portions of the road, allowing traffic to flow before embarking on the reconstruction aspect.

“For this gridlock to reduce, Julius Berger should provide alternative routes where feasible and collaborate with law enforcement agencies to implement and enforce traffic regulations, reduced speed zones, parking controls, and incident management – We are all trying to be safe.” said an anonymous Road user.

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