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Ever seen those cars that pass by on the road and are so dirty? You begin to wonder where they brought them from. Keeping your car clean in Nigeria especially when you stay around the suburbs can be very stressful. The stress of staying at the suburbs or areas where the roads are not tarred is very frustrating. During the rainy season, your car will be splattered with mud all over. During harmattan, you’ll have dust cover your car all over. If you work in the main part of the city and you decide to give your car a treat there and take it to a car wash. You’ll be proud of yourself when you’re driving the car on the major road but once you get to the road leading to your house, you become depressed because the mud will splatter on your car. Then you start driving slowly literally crawling so you can at least minimize the amount of mud that will get on your car. The same case with dust, you’ve been cruising on the road but you know you can’t  try that on the road leading to your house because if you do, all the dust in the world will make your car their place of abode.

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But does that mean you’ll stop washing your car? Of course not.. Take heart and keep up the good fight of keeping your car clean. It is not easy but you know it’s worth it. Nobody likes people staring at their car as if they just came from the zoo especially “city” people that don’t understand the struggle of suburban people. Or when you go to church and the parking officials will be giving you dirty stares as if you asked them to help you drive your car.

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Try as much as possible to clean the interior and exterior of your car, this goes to both city people and suburbs people. Give your car a treat once in a while by taking it for intensive in and out steam washing. Preventive maintenance doesn’t end with taking care of engines and other vital parts of the car. You also maintain your car by washing it regularly. If you seem to wash your car yourself, ensure you do not use detergent to wash your car as it makes the colour fade and in no time your car will start looking old.


There are local car wash and “big boy” car wash. Whichever one you can afford ensure they give you your money’s worth and if you want and intensive interior wash it’s better you go to the big boy” car wash so the local ones won’t spoil something inside your car or leave your seats wet which could make your car have a bad odour. Make it a habit to always drive a neat car, it says a lot about the type of person you are.

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