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I was in the car with my kid one day when he pointed to a car part and asked what it meant. It was one of those we tend to deem unnecessary and ..oh well, I did not know the answer. The laughter that followed is still ringing in my head till now.

To save you from a similar experience, do read through these car parts, their functions and commit as many as you can to memory for reasons too many to mention.

This particular article will be focusing on the interior parts of the car. You can read up the ones on parts under the hood and on the exterior here.


Speedometer: This instrument tells or shows how fast a driver is moving.

Odometer/milometer: Called either as a result of the British or American English variation, this measures the total distance travelled by a wheeled vehicle.

Rev Counter/tachometer: This displays the rate or frequency of an engine revolution/rotation. It is also used to change gear and manage fuel consumption.

Sat Nav system or Gps: Full name is satellite navigation and it displays information received from satellites.

Handbrake/Emergency brake: A device operated by hand that locks an already stationary vehicle and prevents it from moving.

Clutch: This is what connects the wheels to the engine. Stepping on it disconnects both parts making the car roll free and the engine to turn at any speed all while the wheels are not moving.

Fuel gauge: This is used to indicate the amount of gas or fuel left in the fuel tank.

Accelerator/gas pedal: This device speeds up or slows down the pace at which a car moves by controlling the throttle valve. The throttle on the other hand is what controls the flow of power of fuel to the engine.

Dashboard: A dashboard (also called dash, instrument panel (IP) or fascia) is a control panel located directly ahead of a vehicle’s driver, displaying instrumentation and controls for the vehicle’s operation.

Gear lever/Gear Shift: A lever or metal rod used to change or alter the relation between the speed of a car.

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