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Can someone please tell me we’re not psychologically played in this country?

It’s been barely two weeks after we recovered from the heartbreaking queues and fuel scarcity that disrupted our yuletide, rendered our merriment lifeless and gave us nothing but homesick thoughts despite the Yule. Now we’re back to the nightmare that had haunted us in retrospect? What is going on?

The horrible sight of cars parked at the Total Petrol station along Mobolaji Bank Anthony way, Ikeja this morning was completely disheartening; there was one negative comment or another on the lips of everyone. Now we are back at experiencing frustrating traffic almost everywhere and bus fare hike.

Yet, as disclosed by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) spokesman Mr Ndu Ughamadu yesterday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, he was of the fact that over 250 trucks of petrol had been supplied to the Lagos metropolis for effective dispensing at filling stations to forestall any scarcity after the friday and saturday dispense suffered a hiccup.

He also promised that there would be normalcy and that traffic would reduce in no time but it is so disappointing that his words had failed; the disagreeable array of cars at each petrol station all around Lagos waiting to get their tanks filled speaks of a looming crisis soon to come

Rumour has it that the scarcity has begun to spread to other parts of the country. Places like: Abuja, Kano and Warri have suffered similar fate, while some petrol stations in Lagos have engaged in the dubious act of selling above pump price.  

Mr Olufemi Adewole, the Executive Secretary of the Depot and Petroleum Products Marketing Association, (DAPPMA) noted that there was shortage of petrol supply across the country.

The truth is that there is short supply at the moment, if NNPC can raise supply we will be able to get to inland areas and focus on major cities, but I can tell you there is no much supply from NNPC’’ he said.

We hope the situation is contained before things get out of hands.


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