Road Network News #Update

Motorists as well as commuters plying the Lagos-Badagry road may be in for a very difficult and harrowing times following the perennial gridlock occasioned by the narrow portion of the road abandoned by the road contractors; Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) towards the end of the road leading to the Volkswagen of Nigeria (VoN) workshop.

There is no noticeable indication of any ongoing or substantially completed rail project along the corridor between the Iganmu, Mile 2 to Okokomaiko. The only rail track which seems to be completed is the very short distance laying of rail tracks between Suru -Alaba and Mile 2, apparently to enable the CCECC move their equipment.

The area between the Military Cantonment Ojo and Volkswagen remains a black spot for criminals, the Ilaje bus stop and its environs has also been recognised as a no-go area for motorists as windscreens of private cars are smashed while in motion or traffic. The unlucky ones get robbed of their valuables and are sometimes assaulted.

Residents, Motorists as well as commuters are calling on the Nigerian Police and the Nigerian Army as their cantonment and barracks are located very close to the Ilaje bus spot where innocent motorists are being dispossessed of their valuables while stuck in traffic.

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