…travel in style!

The thought that Lagos State had outdone itself in the transportation sector must have crossed the mind of every individual when the BRT service was launched in 2009. But with the excitement about the innovation, came worries and fears. Most Lagosians feared that the innovation wouldn’t last long, that it might be mismanaged or it that it would be the last of its kind we would ever see.

Well as valid as there fears were, they were wrong about it being the last.

Ever heard of the new Lagos Bus Terminals? This is the transport service initiative launched by the Lagos State Government under Governor Akinwunmi Ambode that allows you to commute in style similar to those attainable in the western world.


..believe it or not, this is somewhere in Lagos State!


The first implementation of the “Smart Lagos” and total transition from garages to terminals already exists in Ikeja which doubles as the state capital and the hub of mass transit in the state, spotting over 900,000 people everyday (according to Vanguard and PM news).

These new terminals will involve more ease ensuring effects than the BRT waiting areas. Talk about ancillaries like comfortable waiting areas, ticketing booths, loading bays, information centre, food court, taxi rank, passenger convenience, operations control centre and an ATM Gallery amongst many others, making public commuting easy and less exhausting.

The buses for these terminals are things to look forward to. They are going to mirror European style buses in comfort and sophistication which already raises fears about bus fares  in the mind of Nigerians. The plan is to have about 5,000 of them at the end of the project with a funding sum of 30 billion naira for a start.


The 30 Billion in our Lagos State account is working.


You can begin to bid farewell to Danfos, Keke Napeps, Okadas and maybe some personal cars on the streets with this initiative, but some questions sure reverberate in all of our minds.

  • Are these buses going to have their own routes built for them?
  • Will transport fare skyrocket?
  • What will the present bus drivers do for income?
  • Will BRT service still run?


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