It’s never going away; The traffic jams we experience in Lagos as a result of the ever increasing demography we daily record has become an inherent feature and the wise ones have come to know how to make the best of it instead of complaining and grumbling like some other people will always do like it’s going to change anything.

I’m sure we all have stories from Lagos traffic that we can relate to. Some are hilarious right on the spot, some become funny only when you think about them or share them with friends afterwards, while others just outrightly piss you off at the moment till forever.

Here are some of the things I find amusing about Lagos traffic though.

Phantom Jam: I didn’t even know it had a name up until recently. Have you ever been caught up in traffic for about one to two hours and when you get to where the major cause for it is supposed to surface, you see nothing! Like fam, why have I been sitting here for hours?


Traffic Traders: The Lagos government has tried to purge the streets of these people but it seems they just come back daily with something entirely new and different to sell. It was a meme circulating sometime ago but I won’t be shocked actually if one day they start trading ‘swimming pool and bar beach’ in Lagos traffic.


The Snacks: Even if we complain so much about traffic traders, we would miss them alot should they decide to leave the street o. I mean, what would our Lagos traffic be without the Gala, Lacasera, cold Coke and Fanta, plantain chips and the rest of them? Even when you’re travelling out of the state, you literally don’t need to bother about having breakfast simply because you can have a three square meal in transit. But, but but but…. Have you ever bought expired Gala in traffic before or paid a vendor only for your bus to zoom off before he/she could give your change?

..Lagos traffic without these two, is that one traffic?


The ‘one way’ passers: These ones ehn.. Like you can see already that the road is scatteredly upside down and only God’s divine intervention can clear it. And you from the back will still switch into oncoming vehicles’ lane to go and make things worse in front. Continue, LASTMA and FRSC together will soon catch you.


The list still includes

  • Those that will get down from their car and wander away not returning in time to move their vehicles when traffic moves a bit.
  • Drivers that will give everyone in front of them space like they themselves don’t have a destination in mind. Good Samaritan! #wehdone sir.
  • People that park on the roadside when clearly, it is a very tiny road. You people are the cause of major traffic jams.
  • Those that will still wait for 10 seconds before moving when a traffic signal has turned green.


Tag along and tell us what makes you love the drive in Lagos fellas.


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