Let “God when” rest – the power is in your hands!

Let “God when” rest – the power is in your hands!

You hear people say “God when” a lot but I witnessed the real “God when” with my neighbour, Amaka.

Cute looking Amaka is in her late twenties. She works for a medium-sized business that produces packaged and ready to eat food. Last week, I came downstairs to pick up a package and noticed that in the last few days, her 2004 ‘uber’ Corolla wasn’t packed at its usual spot.

My heart feared for the worst. Armed Robbers? Engine knock? Like the good neighbour that I am, I knocked on her door and asked, “haven’t seen your car in a while, hope all is well?” Smiling, she replied, “well, I needed an upgrade, so I sold it”. Oh Okay, I said back, “was scared that something bad had happened”. Still smiling, “thanks for checking up bro, really appreciate,” Amaka said.

Fast Forward to last night, I came back home hungry and tired after the Lagos hustle. As I sauntered into the compound, I spotted a shiny 2012 Corolla packed in one corner. “God when…” was my muted cry as I opened my door to enter. In the morning, I heard a car alarm sound. Popping out to check what was happening, I saw my neighbour, Amaka entering the shiny 2012 Corolla I saw last night. My mouth was open for like 2 minutes. Amaka looked up and smiled, and said, well, I’ve got a solid connect, Cars45 made this possible.”

Be Like Amaka, take action and let “God when” rest.

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