Cars and Movies #Update!


Welcome back folks!

Trust your christmas was awesome and adventurous? Enough fun and a never ending merriment I guess.

So, as we look towards the new year, it’s important we feed our consciousness with something wild and spicy; a spectacular percept that would ignite a distilled understanding of automobile integrity. Our weekly update will require a feedback from our readers, this is as a result of the extraordinariness in the sequel we are about to feature; a movie that spars conflict between two worlds: ‘Man and Machines‘. Mankind is forewarned of the impending doom that may plague his world as a result of his unrelenting research and adamant nature. His egocentric rationale drives him deeper into this technological approach. As a result, he is confounded by the doom he had ignorantly awakened. Guessing? Are you pondering what i’m pondering? Transformers right? You bet it is.

The Transformers Sequel: The Transformers is a series of American science fiction action films based on the toys created by Hasbro and Tomy. The first sequel premiered in 2007, the live-action film series has received mixed reception, including criticism on the plots, juvenile humor, overuse of product placements and the lengths of the films. However, many have praised the visual effects, action sequences and music. It is the 11th-highest-grossing film series, with a total of $4.3 billion.

Gross or not, our focus is mainly on the inspiring wonder as posited by the directors whose drive was to cause us great awe with their fictional artifacts. We see cars turning into robots, trucks betraying their owners as they take a new form. Hence the battle line is drawn between Autobots: the defenders of the Human race. And the Decepticons: who are bent on wiping out the human race off the earth. Destructions and endless fights are all that follows as  automobile machines take the form of robots to fight for the safety of planet earth.  




Now think about it, you being a proud owner of a sleek Aston Martin or that astounding Mercedes Benz. Would you stand seeing your dear car transform into something scary to an extent of talking and shooting to kill?








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