Local Car News #Update



The Nigerian Van Market just got upgraded, thanks to the emergence of the citan Tourer. In an announcement made by Weststar Associates; the Mercedes Benz dealer in Nigeria, it was stated that the Citan Tourer and panel van is the first addition to its Mercedes Benz van product portfolio for the Nigerian Market in the year 2018.

The citan is said to fulfil a broad range of commercial applications due to its versatility and adaptability. One of the citan variants; the Tourer 112 is set to hit the Nigerian road, built as a five-seater crew vehicle with folding rear seat and sliding doors on each side.

The new Mercedes Benz Citan is said to be truly a professional in its segment, with its impressive quality and driving dynamics, exemplary safety and economy as well as high level of versatility and evincing strength, the Mercedes Benz Citan Tourer is a dedicated delivery  vehicle for the urban development.


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