Mercedes E-350 vs BMW 525i……..German contenders! Friend or foe?

Of a truth, both the Mercedes and BMW are two juggernauts of luxury.  The automakers have been immersed in the immortality of history that never dies and have come at luxury from a different approach as a result. BMW has for a long time been self-described as the “Ultimate Driving Machine,” while Mercedes has long been synonymous with “the ultimate comfort” slogan.

The two brands have been moving from their time-honored roles in the luxury market, inching towards one another in a head to head competition.  For example, BMW has adopted an Electronic steering to become more comfortable for its users while Mercedes-Benz has majored on the active pursuit of performance. This is evidenced by the growth in the number of Mercedes-AMG cars, including the red-hot AMG GT coupe and convertible.

But which brand is best for you? We break down the safety, reliability, and performance of the Benz E350 and BMW 525i, and we compare the cars head-to-head. Read on to learn where each brand excels, and which luxury car might be right for you.


Mercedes E-350

The Mercedes-Benz E350 is one of the most affordable models in the E-Class and is available as a sedan or wagon. This is just one of several vehicles in the E-Class. Because they all share the same general structure, the E350’s history is intertwined with other E-Class models. The standard gear in the mid-sized Mercedes is as extravagant as the price tag. In a nutshell, the E350 is a car that tells you: You are doing business and doing alright as a result.


Its design is infused with sharper and stronger tapering lines from front to back to give the E-Class a more angular look. The horizontal bands of wood, leather and chrome in the interior reinforce an outstanding impression of space and luxury with the Harman Karman sound system cranked up to highlight a fully detailed attention.



The E-Class has picked up some clever toys and the E350 rolls standard with blind spot and lane departure assistance. The reverse camera displays on a hi-res infotainment screen. The engine is a 200kW/350Nm 3.5-litre six-cylinder that runs through a silicone-smooth seven-speed auto transmission.



The E350 is infused with 11 airbags Eleven airbags though the software and sensors stop them from deploying. Talk with great commendation for a Benz E350 that runs on an adaptive brakes that automatically dry themselves, a driver fatigue warning system, the Pre-Safe system that sets the seat belt tensioners according to the occupant’s’ size and lane departure and blind spot warnings.

Toss in the fact, this 1.7-tonne beast is built from the ground up to protect you and the E-Class is a safe choice.


Compromises are for people who can’t afford cars in this class. In the case of the E350, there’s enough grunt to handle traffic light launches even from afar. This model is designed to guarantee you nothing but comfort when you drive and most especially when you find yourself in the passenger’s seat.

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2012 Benz E-350


BMW 525i

The BMW 525i is a complete spec in itself, the 525i produces an extra 19 kilowatts of power and a less-appreciable extra torque, delivering it from 750 rpm lower in the rev range. Mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, it has been termed as a notable improvement in by it’s users . the machine is aided by gears spaced to keep forward momentum smooth and seemly.

The 525i’s rear-wheel-drive chassis dynamics are excellent. Being a BMW on run-flat tyres, the ride is notably firm, there’s also commendable levels of grip. The 525i has quite a bit in it, including the full range of active and passive safety features, leather seats, alloy wheels, automatic air-conditioning and cruise control. What comes as standard in the German product is one of the smoothest, sweetest six-cylinder engines available.

In fact, because the engine seems happier at higher revs, it takes a little while for acceleration to build. However, if the driver is prepared to work the throttle, the 525i responds perfectly adequately. The automatic transmission is a six-speed with faultless shifts, and the extra ratio helps make the most of the engine’s somewhat peaky delivery. Use of aluminium in parts of the 5 Series construction also keeps weight down to an admirably low 1500kg, aiding performance and fuel consumption.

The engine sounds terrific, is more than happy to rev sweetly, and with a fuel consumption average of less than 11 L/100km is efficient as well.


What it’s got?

Climate control; radio-type satellite navigation with iDrive controller; six-CD audio system; semi-powered front seats; leather upholstery; remote central locking; cruise control; active steering; DataDot security; front fog lights; rain sensors; metallic paint; multi-function leather steering wheel as well as a simplified trip computer.

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2012 BMW 525i


So for all car lovers who have engaged in a hot argument as regards the above cars, a better solution is here. A careful analysis of the cars have been provided and we hope this solves your problem and also gives you insight on the cars. The choice is yours as we would love to help you in whatever way when it comes to sales, trade-in and purchases.



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