”SHE’S MERCEDES” INITIATIVE- Capturing more Female Fans

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A lot of cars are psychologically but subconsciously attributed to a particular gender because of the general outlook and feel the cars possess or exude. Most of the cars in the autoworld look like they are deliberately wired for men; talk about the color, infotainment systems, terminologies and all others, they seem like complications only men can deal with. That is why autodealers speak straight to the men in the pack even if a whole family arrives at a car dealership. In order to change this mindset, various car manufacturers are churning out vehicles now that will meet the needs of women. Mercedes is one of them.

With the She’s Mercedes initiative, the improper balance between its male and female customers will be corrected and the buyer base will come to be represented by both genders equally. Speaking at the Los Angeles Motor Show, the Mercedes Board Member for marketing and sales Britta Seeger mentioned that the strategy to create a digital and print hub specifically tailored for women was already working but needed more efforts.  In order to become the most luxury female brand by 2020 which is their main aim, Mercedes will be organising various events like campaigns, corporate partnerships with women forums and networking programmes in order to get feedback on the technical  interests of women. In addition, more female engineers will be hired and their employees trained on how to address female customers looking to purchase any of the new models.

40 new Mercedes models that will be safe, modest on fuel, and fun but uncomplicated will be released before the 2020 timeframe and it will touch the whole globe as the new luxury status symbols for women instead of  their designer bags and shoes.






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