Mind-blowing Expensive Cars You’ll Only Find on the Island in Lagos

Now there are cars and there are cars. in this article, we will be looking at the 5 cars you’ll only find on the island in Lagos. There are stratifications (levels) in the living arrangements of every city, as there are different people of different classes. The wealthy live together, the middle class live together and the poor live together. In New York there is upper Manhattan, the Hamptons, amongst others. In Abuja, they live in Asokoro, Maitama, Wuse, Garki, and Gwarimpa. In Lagos, the richy rich live on the island although there are rich people on the mainland in places like Magodo, Omole, etc. The bulk of the wealthy people stay on the island in places like Lekki Phase 1 and 2, VGC, Banana Island, Osborne estate, Ikoyi, etc. These wealthy people live in houses that worth so much that it can buy an exotic island. Likewise, they drive the best of cars and some cars you can only find in these areas even though there are rich people in other parts of Lagos. These cars can well, buy an entire village as the people in the village will not mind selling themselves for such huge amount of money. With the economic problem that has crippled our dear Nation, there is money where there is money and those that have it are not afraid to spend it. The five cars will be listed below;

Image result for audi r8 in lagos

Audi R8 worth $175,000 (₦32,417,100). The sad truth is that some people can never afford this car in their lifetime.. While some others will buy other siblings like it or even more expensive than it to keep it company.. Hmmm na wa oh!! Is the work of a car not to take me to my destination? These car manufacturers now took the purpose to another level.. How many minutes will I even spend inside.. Will it give me everlasting joy?? Peace that surpasses human understanding?? I can’t even carry it with me if I’m travelling.. I still will not sleep inside, I’ll go to my house… I don’t know sef…

Image result for mercedes sls amg in nigeria

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG worth $230,000 (₦44,094,420). This one that looks like it has wings hope it can fly? I don’t even know what to say. I’m not a car freak so I guess I’ll never understand what prompts people to spend so much money on something that they can’t live in. It will take them to a particular place and they will come down, Simple!! Well done car freaks.. I hope some people will not kill themselves because of a car that they love… Don’t worry you’ll buy it one day…  


Image result for maybach 62s in lagos

Maybach 62s worth $460,000 (₦89,550,000). Oshey!! Sleek on fleek, Sleek black car. Eyin presidential human beings, this is the car for you. If you think you have money and you don’t have any of these type of cars well, now you know the truth. The owner of this car cannot be driving himself/herself oh!! This one needs special chauffeur driving service.. I repeat: you cannot be driving this car yourself..

Range Rover Sentinel Price: $451,400 (₦89,828,600)

Range Rover Sentinel worth $455,000(₦89,828,600) . This car looks like every other Range Rover to me but the “I Too Know” car freaks will tell me you don’t know the specs and features.. It is this and that.. Please answer my simple question, don’t be angry oh!! Can I live inside as big as it is now? the money sef can buy a “better” house.. If I’m sick and I sleep inside will I be well. Please answer me oh!!


Bugatti Veyron Price: $1,700,000 (₦338,300,000)

Bugatti Veyron worth $1,750,000 (₦338,300,000). What!!! 1.75 million dollars!! Mmmmm please tell me what are the “oh so special” features. Can it fly?? Can it get to the moon?? Hmmm if the owner dies will they bury him with it?? Na wa oh!! Aye ma le oh!! I’m sorry for being a bad belle but I can’t help it, the price of this car is giving me heart attack abi stroke.. God will help us oh!! Me sef I will have money..

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