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It is no news that former Zimbabwean President; Robert Mugabe was ousted in November 2017 in a military coup d’etat after ruling for 37 years. What could be news however are the luxurious plans laid out as part of his retirement package.


The Zimbabwean remuneration policy for ex-presidents states that they get a pension fund equivalent to the incumbents salary but it will not be given in monetary terms. As a result, Mugabe will  be getting additions of a new Mercedes S500, an all terrain station wagon and a pick up van to his already large private fleet. Not only will the government be giving him the cars, the fueling fees will be paid from the state coffers and the vehicles will be replaced in 5 year intervals.(What a wawu!)


…Mercedes S500



…fit for a President or not?


However, will Mugabe take this luxurious gesture as a worthy compensation in place of his seat as president since he and his family already own a number of supercars, most of which were built for them on demand and they allegedly paid for them in cash.

From Aston Martins to Rolls Royces and other expensive labels with their numbers still growing, Mugabe obviously loves to drive in style and might not be enthralled by this new addition.


..Mugabe’s Rolls Royce Phantom-worths more than the country’s GDP


However, a few questions come to mind:

  • What will a 93 year old man do with such a number of vehicles?
  • Will his children inherit the cars after him or the state retracts them?


Hopefully, we’ll live long enough to know this.

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