Have you ever felt the urge to sing cooking up inside you while driving and before you could validate that thought, the radio station on your car stereo plays your favorite hit. Suddenly, you’re like: #BOOOOM!!! Awesome ain’t it?

Some of life’s greatest memories involve unashamedly singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs with your best friends while sitting in that frustrating traffic. Who cares if people can see and hear you? Your jam just came on! Not singing is not an option. Infact, it is a big opportunity to not miss.

Of a truth, whether alone or with friends, there is a great deal of joy to be found in singing your heart out – and perhaps even playing the guitar with your hums while inhabiting your car. But honestly, it’s always better when you have at least one friend to hit the high notes and share the chorus with.

Your car is not just a mode of transportation, it is your performance space (Music Studio); an avenue where you can get to let your singing demon out, admire your voice as you attempt that falsetting pitch and exhibit that strange gesture that everyone would marvel at.

The roads are dangerous and often far from fun: from road rage to ‘stop and go traffic’ and long commutes. You might seem to want to lose your cool while driving. You might want to hook up with your playlist while driving to ease that rage, but now it may also be your answer to a safer drive.

Research has it that those who sing in their cars tend to live long, have a good sense of humor and a better shot at every circumstance (Negative and Positive). This is so because for everyone who sings in their car, they find relief in the emotional outburst that it makes them psychologically fit after they alight from their car with a feeling of life and fulfillment overwhelming them.

Nothing beats that feeling of freedom. No matter how exhausted or frustrated one might be, singing lifts the mood right away.

So whether you are driving upstate, in the city or anywhere on the streets of Lagos and the outside world, you might want to let out your emotions, hold onto an imaginary microphone and if you happen to pull up beside someone attractive while your jam comes on; trust me, you need not care about being composed, sing out! You might not know, maybe he/she shares the same music taste and singing nature with you.

Do you sing in your car too? Let us know your favorite Hit in the comment section.

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