The Radio! Mankind’s Longtime Companion.

Every Nigerian home has either a transistor radio or a portable radio belonging to grandfathers (Living or Dead) who would tune to radio stations that best delivers news according to their respective tribes. I could remember growing up as a kid, i would watch as my father would argue with my late Grandfather over Governmental affairs and Political Issues, it was so interesting that i would sit beside my Grandfather because he was good at it and he won at every argument flawlessly.

Today, there have been trivial issues that requires rational contribution. From A.M to P.M, series of news breathe out of our Radio speakers such that we can’t help but call-in to contribute based on our understanding.

In this Article, we will be highlighting quite a number of OAPs who have in one way or the other contributed to our rational consciousness, the OAPs we set alarms on our phones for all because we want to listen to their discussions in the morning; while driving or in a commercial bus and late in the evening; on our way home after along and busy day.



Ask an average Nigerian if they know Steve Onu, i bet you will get a pensive look but mention the name ‘Yaw’ and you will see the light on the faces of anyone you direct your question at. The Famous OAP is best known for his pidgin accent that carries almost everybody along every Morning with his ‘Make Una Wake’ Morning show on Wazobia Fm. Trust me, you would not want to miss Yaw’s program; in your Car or in a Commercial bus. Just tune to 95.1 Fm, you’ll be glad you did.



This beautiful and eye catching OAP has been in the presenting business for years, she is also an actress and a scriptwriter who is known for bringing to life the ideas of time past. Tosyn hosts the Top of the Morning show on Top Radio which airs every weekdays from 6.30 am to 11.am. It has a popular segment known as the ‘Areaaaa show‘, where calls and text messages are entertained.

Do you need a segment where you can let those rational ideas out? Tune in to 90.9 Fm.



University undergraduates, Graduates and Lecturers, this one is for you.

Thinking of an electrifying voice that sends a morning vibe down your spine, then you just found the right OAP. Afolabi Ibikunle or better known as ‘Scofield’ or ‘Radioduke’ is a Presenter, Comedian and Content curator for Unilag Fm. He hosts the Sleeping Couch Every Monday from 10.am-12.am and the Morning Train from 7.am-10.am on Tuesdays.

Are you looking for a program where you can get Informed, Entertained and Educated? Tune in to 103.1 Fm



For being an OAP for over 15 years and still counting, he is regarded as one of the best. Ifedayo Olarinde – Daddy Freeze, often controversial, hosts the Road show on Cool Fm (96.9) between 4.pm and 9.pm. He is a radio host who never stops being lively, his voice is as handsome as he is.

So do you need to find your vibe when driving home after a long and tiring day? Tune into 96.9.Fm and lighten up your tiring spirit.



For all radio Lovers, here is your favorite and most popular Female OAP. Lolo 1 is a presenter at Wazobia Fm where she anchors the ‘Oga Madam’ show from 10.am-3.pm. On the show, she infuses her ‘Ibotic’ intonation which has proven to be a hit among fans. Another thing that makes her thrive is her eclectic, jovial and energetic character which is obviously seen in her delve into acting as she plays the Adaku character in the ongoing family drama Jenifa’s Diary.

Do you need a platform where you need to laugh or unravel issues while driving or in your office? Just tune into 95.1 Fm


The list is Endless as we can keep going on and on but we have come to the end of this segment. Who is your favorite OAP and what Radio Station gives you the best vibe when driving?


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