Cars and Movie #Update

Welcome back to another fascinating episode of our Cars and Movie series.

Not forgetting that the season of Love is upon us, we are inclined to give and share as this is the trending notion on everybody’s consciousness.

So, today’s discussion will feature unanimous decisions, feedbacks and remarks from quite a number of people. As a result, we will be creating an avenue to discuss those outstanding driving reflexes, crush on the personalities of drivers and decide who to ride with this valentine.


MOVIE TITLE: Gone in 60 Seconds

MAIN ACTOR:  Nicolas Cage (Randall ‘Memphis’ Raines)

Randall Raines is an experienced car thief in exile who gets called upon to save his brother from the horrors of his employer (Raymond Calitri) after a car heist got compromised. After series of persuasion and negotiation, Calitri talks Memphis into stealing 50 cars for him in 72 hours. (Oh my Gosh!!!) Out of pity and sheer determination to save his brother from the snares of death, he takes on the job.


After delivering 49 cars successfully, he encounters difficulty while delivering the last one (a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500). A pursuit scene breaks out between himself, policemen a group of special forces who tail him after a thorough investigation regarding series of reports reaching them about the consistent missing of cars.

He drives the Mustang in reverse for over 50 seconds, showing his proficiency and skills to which he eventually ditches the police and delivers the car but it does not end there.


MOVIE TITLE: The Transporter

MAIN ACTOR: Jason Statham (Frank Martin)

Frank Martin! A perfect driver, proficient fighter and  swift transporter lives and does his business with three rules: ‘No Names’,’ Never Open the Package’ and ‘Once the deal is made, It is final’. Frank inadvertently breaks his own rule by opening the package and that decision eventually clouds a torrential rain of doom on him.

He encounters series of misfortunes leveled against him and eventually, he wins.  Frank returns to his transporting job, becoming one of the most trusted and most violent personality (when bullied) in the transporting business.


He drove the Audi 8, Mercedes Benz W140 and BMW 7 Series E38 perfectly. In the movie, a violent lady kisses him for his swift and perfect reflex drive in one of their theft escapade. But one favourite driving as noted by anonymous decision is the ‘Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster’ to which he is applauded by policemen who had ruled him out earlier. The pursuit had to be screened for all to see, revealing such a perfect driving skill.



So there you are folks, let the vote begin and let the comments roll in. Let’s see the winner for this week as we prepare for a valentine fantasy treat with our celebrity driver.  Till next week when we come your way again.


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