Cars and Movie #Update

The sole aim of this feature is to give you undiluted satisfaction and information about cars used in movies, and this week is no different. Come along as we take you into world of speed and awesome car reflexes.



Need for Speed is a 2014 American action thriller that features Tobey Marshall, who was sentenced to jail for involuntary manslaughter following the death of his friend Pete after an illegal car race. The race featured three illegally imported Koenigsegg Agera R sports car.

Upon his release on Parole, Tobey was hell bent on avenging the death of his best friend turned brother. He borrows a Mustang to enter the ‘De Leon’, a winner-takes-all supercar race organized by a mysterious Monarch.


Cars used in the movie.

The Ford Mustang is a perfect example of such, Tobey drove like a boss controlling the wheel with purpose and passion. The machine on the other hand responds like an obedient puppy as he seems to fly with the demonic Mustang


Koenigsegg Agera R

The awesomeness of this phenom is as inspiring as you can imagine. With  stunning beauty and  lighter weight when in motion, this machine graces its host, giving a better definition of strength and prestige. Though we lost Pete in a crash race almost at the beginning of the movie, yet the Koenigsegg still saves the day as Tobey wins the WTA race in the end.

The brakes, the acceleration and the engine all speak of a never tiring aspiration.


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