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The Nigeria Customs Service has reacted to the porous nature of the nations border, thus saying it is a major obstacle to their efforts to stem the influx of smuggled items.

Though the smuggling ideology is a global phenomenon, they also established an important fact that even if all arms of the Nigerian Customs are deployed to the borders, smuggled items would still find their way into the country.

The spokesperson of the Federal Operations unit, Zone A, Jerry Attah in a public interview with the News Agency of Nigeria yesterday was of the idea that there could be a level of connivance between some customs officers stationed at the borders and smugglers.

Federal Operations, Ikeja, is an anti-smuggling arm, asides anti-smuggling, we are more of police of Customs, we checkmate the activities of other Customs command. You will agree with me that our borders are very porous, and because of the porosity of these borders, that is why you still see smuggled items in the country. But Some of these smugglers take advantage of the porous borders. We are not saying all Customs officers are saints because out of every 12, there is always a Judas” Attah said.

While expressing disappointment at the state of the roads leading to the Nigerian border, the FOU Controller Mohammed Uba stated that the Nigerian Customs have been able to seize 31 exotic cars worth N1,429,953,941 between 1st and 31st of January this year.

They included four Rolls Royce, one Jaguar, one Bentley, one Porsche, two G Wagons and other exotic cars.

In continuation of our anti-smuggling operations, we have taken these vehicles because of non-payment of duty. No matter what these smugglers do, we will not stop evacuation of vehicles which had contravened federal government policy, we will keep them until their appropriate duty is paid or be forfeited to the government.” Mr Uba threatened

When asked what he feels should be done to the poor state of roads and smugglings, he was of the notion that even the minutest act of the smugglers can’t be ascertained, this is because some of the men in power whose faces are unknown sponsor these smugglers and support the business. The customs officials can only try their best and in so doing, they will bring all perpetrators to justice.


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