Our dear Nigeria, a country that houses over 180 million citizens is incredibly rich in culture. Our unity in diversity is one thing to marvel at and our political terrain as a nation is another.

According to the report released to the public in 2014, Nigerian legislators are the highest paid in the world with a whopping sum of $1.7million for a senator and $1.45million for house in the house of representatives. With this kind of money, the only way to live is LA VIDA LOCA!

An average Nigerian would love to show off his assets to the world, posing as a contender to all others with the little he has made for himself not to speak of legislators and politicians who are freely paid

Nigerians’ love for cars can not be overemphasized, it was reported in the news some time ago that a man owned 13 cars (as in seriously? 13 luxury cars).

But this post isn’t about the average Nigerian and their love for exotic cars, but the Nigerian politicians and their love for cars.


Mercedes Benz 550

We think it might be a thing for those who hold presidential seats in the country to use a Mercedes. The President for example, uses Armoured Mercedes Benz 550 4MATIC as his official car, same applies to the V.P and the Senate President.

But it’s not such a shock that they all chose this car brand, Mercedes-Benz has carved a distinct reputation for itself when it comes to security, luxury, and new innovations. The Mercedes is a tested and trusted brand.

And since it’s a classy brand, we guess that makes them classy men!



According to an online report, this brand costs a whopping sum of 50-70 Million Naira to purchase. Owned by just two Governors all over the nation: Gov. Wike of Rivers state and Gov. Ambode of Lagos state. The Range Rover sentinel is built to withstand any form of grenade detonated on the roof or under the SUV or bullet attacks from both far and near distances. Since when has this stopped the village ‘airforce’ people? lol!





Nigerian politicians love the good things of life, From Ogun to Lagos, Oyo and Imo almost all politicians love the Lexus brand for its simplicity and luxury lifestyle. It is a SUV that has commanded respect ever since its emergence and Nigerians especially the politicians do well in patronizing the brand name, especially the Bulletproof model which costs nothing less than 50-100 Million Naira.


Other exotic cars owned by some of the Nigerian politicians include: The Rolls Royce Phantom, McLaren MP4-12C, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz SLS. These cars can be seen better in the Federal Capital Territory where most of these politicians live.

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