Local Car Gist #Update


For over one month now, the streets of Lagos have been flooded with heaps of refuse. From streets to junctions to bus-stops, you are most likely to find a molehill of refuse horribly stacked in the provided trash bins of the new(Visionscape) waste management, stinking.

In our previous post, we had talked about how the Lagos state Government came up with a plan to privatize the waste management company, entrusting the waste disposal responsibility in the hands of a global organisation. Quite a handful number of waste bins have been deployed in all sensitive areas for residents to dispose their waste but recently, it has been discovered that the huge bin has not been sufficient enough for residents use in specific areas.

Well, January has just a few hours left to end and we are yet to see the changes we were promised. They keep giving excuses, mentioning that Lagos state is much more better and cleaner compared to England in the ‘80s when the British Government privatized public services.

Heaps of refuse have been sighted in visible and constantly plied areas of the state: Anthony Bus-stop (Oshodi Axis), New Garage (Bariga, Ifako Axis), Aromire (Adeniyi Jones. Ikeja) to mention a few out of many, causing residents and commuters to avoid walking past the direction of the bin as they do not wish to have their nostrils filled with the stink of refuse.

The public is appealing to the Lagos state Government to please look into this issue as the streets of Lagos have been flooded heavily with waste disposals, denying motorists fresh air, causing them to wind-up their side windows.






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