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The concept of electric vehicles in some countries have not even see the light of day but already, automakers who have mastered the art are moving faster down the development lane to incorporate other trailblazing concepts just in a bid to stay ahead of their counterparts.

The SYMBIOZ is a concept car by Renault. It embodies what they believe cars will be like in 2030. The concept car has achieved level 4 autonomy. This means the driver doesn’t need to pay attention to the road or touch the steering wheel. For comparison, Tesla operates at level 2.

A level 4 car can change lanes on its own, exit the highway, regulate its speed based on speed limit and traffic, or pull over to a safe place if the driver can’t take over control. Entertainment features make the autonomous ride more enjoyable. Cinema-quality screens with the ability to stream movies while in self-driving mode, high-end audio system, virtual reality. The Symbioz also performs well. It boasts 680 hp, 0 to 60 in 6 seconds. Dual electric motors on the rear wheel. In-car monitors replace traditional mirrors. You won’t see this car on the road anytime soon.

The biggest hurdle will be regulating level 4 autonomy since it’s currently illegal. Renault believes the technology will be affordable by 2023.


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