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A large number of Nigerians don’t understand the meanings road signs carry. Road signs are very important because they inform people about traffic regulations, special hazards and other road conditions, construction areas, speed limits, etc. If obeyed, road users will enjoy a smooth and safe ride and there will be a very low chance of accident occurrence. Unfortunately people can’t obey what they do not understand. Which is why we’ll be discussing traffic signs today.

There are three major types of road signs, they are; Regulatory signs; mandatory and prohibitory, warning signs, and informative signs.


  • Mandatory signs are signs that give positive instructions and indicate laws that must be obeyed. They are mainly circular and are depicted with blue circles and no red border.


  • Prohibitory signs give instructions to prohibit a driver from moving further. A ‘stop’ sign is a prohibitive sign. It is the only 8 sided traffic sign. It means come to a complete stop before entering. Proceed when it is safe to do so. They are usually depicted with red and yellow circles.


  • Warning signs are usually triangular in shape with red perimeter, warning signs are signs that tell you that there may be dangers ahead. They could also be black on a yellow background.
  • Informative signs are usually rectangular in shape and provide guidance and information.

We should take care to study these signs and also be sure to obey them whenever we see them to keep ourselves and other road users safe.

The pictures of the signs will be shared below;

Mandatory signs


Prohibitory signs.


Warning signs


Informative signs


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